Test Results

Most test results take a few days to come back to the doctor team at the Student Health Centre. Some tests may take longer and you will be advised if that is the case when the sample is taken.

You will be informed via your university email if your tests results are abnormal or if the doctor looking at your results wishes to give you any further advice on managing your condition.

You will not be contacted if the results are normal.

If you wish to view your test results online please sign up for EMIS Patient Access.

Test results can now be sent via a text or email.

Please note that it is common for some blood levels to be just above or below the stated normal ranges. In many cases these minor abnormalities are not clinically significant and have no relevance to your health condition. Each result is assessed by a doctor who will know the reason that the test was requested and if no action is required these will be coded as ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’. Please do not worry about minor variations in results – you will be contacted if there is anything that requires further investigation or treatment.