Access to Health Records


When you register with us, we create a confidential health record for you which we keep securely and which we use to record all your consultations with us. We also add to this any information we receive from your attendances at the hospital, walk in centre, emergency services etc. For students from England or Wales, we also receive your previous GP records, which often go back to the time of your birth.

You have a right to access your health records. This is governed by various pieces of legislation such as the Data Protection Act and Access to Health Records Act. For a full explanation please visit the NHS Choices website.

Applying for Access

You must put your application in writing. Please email: using the University email system and give your name and date of birth. Alternatively you can hand in a written application at Reception. Please make clear what you need – see options below. We may ask for identity confirmation before we release your information.


  • Simple email request/query about date of single illness/immunisation etc
  • Viewing your computer and/or paper records with the doctor/nurse/secretary
  • Copies of partial health records held electronically including lists of vaccinations or extracts about particular illnesses, episodes etc
  • Copies of electronic and paper records [cost depends on size of records]
    £10 – £50

Receiving Your information

We will reply to simple queries by return email. For viewing records, we will make a suitable appointment. Copies of records will be provided in print form for you to collect from our reception. Please be prepared to provide identity confirmation.


We aim to provide a prompt reply to your request [much quicker than the legal requirements] and we will keep our charges reasonable, simply to cover costs. If however you have any issues about our service then we will be happy to hear back from you about your experience.