Charges and Fees


In general the NHS provides a largely free service for acute illness, long term health problems and preventive services such as immunisation and cancer screening. However there are some charges – for example for prescriptions and dental services.

International students with a prospective stay of over 6 months are entitled to NHS services as for UK residents. For other foreign visitors the rules are rather complex – see the Government Information for Visitors to England.

Non – NHS (Private)

We provide many non-NHS medical services privately,  which have to be paid for.

Forms, Reports, Certificates and Examinations

There are charges for completion of forms and reports, provision of certificates and medical examinations required for insurance, travel, hobbies, employment etc.  This is standard practice at all GP surgeries in England.  We are acutely aware of the limited financial resources of students and keep our charges as reasonable as possible.  Sometimes the charges seem excessive for simply signing documents or providing short reports, but please remember that you are paying for our qualifications, expertise and legal responsibility, not just the ink and paper!

Charges for Laboratory and Medical Tests

These are often required as part of medical examinations and reports discussed above and incur additional charges.

Travel advice, vaccination and prescriptions

Travel advice is free but there are charges for prescriptions for antimalarials, antibiotics etc and for most travel vaccinations.