Sexual Health and Contraception

This is a vital area of knowledge for students. Please educate and protect yourself and don’t take risks.

Help at The Student Health Centre

Private and confidential help, information and treatment is available at the surgery. The nurses and doctors are specially trained in family planning, contraception, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections. Please see us promptly if you need advice or help in any of these areas.


Women who know or suspect they may be pregnant; please see us promptly for advice if the pregnancy is unplanned/unwanted. Home pregnancy tests bought from the chemist are highly reliable but we can perform the test if necessary.

Emergency Contraception

The morning after pill is available at the health centre. This should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, the sooner the better. (Between 72 hours and 120 hours taking emergency contraception is better than doing nothing but efficacy is greatly reduced. The best method, in this timeframe of 3-5 days after intercourse is the fitting of an intra-uterine device (coil) at he family planning association clinic.

Cervical Smear Tests

All women over the age of 25 should have a smear test at regular intervals. This is a quick and painless test to detect pre-cancerous changes in cells from the cervix (neck of the womb). Early cell abnormalities can be picked up and monitored or treated and eliminated to prevent progression to actual cancer. The smear test can be booked with a nurse via reception.

Other Local Resources

The Centre

The Centre is a NHS Walk-In Centre and is located:
31 Sidwell Street
Tel: 01392 284982 / 284983

The Centre are a specialist team who offer a comprehensive and confidential sexual health service. They are open Monday to Saturday with daily appointments and walk-in sessions available – please call for details or visit The Centre website.

Online Help

The Family Planning Association is an excellent source of information. The charity works to improve the sexual health and reproductive rights of everyone in the UK. The information on contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted infections is clear and comprehensive.

The Brook Advisory Service is also excellent. Brook’s aim is to promote protect and preserve the sexual and reproductive health of young people.