We are happy to hear from you about improvements to the service we provide. Simple suggestions can be extremely helpful. We promise to consider all comments seriously but please beware that we know from experience that some common suggestions have been difficult or impractical to implement. For example students have requested an on-site pharmacy. We’ve asked chemists to look at setting up on the campus but they have found a business case impossible  because of low volumes and the lack of trade during vacations. But honestly, we still value helpful suggestions!


We work in a dynamic environment where unscheduled work and emergencies can arise and some peoples consultations take a long time. We also do a huge amount of background work away from face-to-face consultation sessions. So please forgive us minor errors, problems and delays – as we forgive you when you are late, fail to attend booked appointments, interrupt our consultations with mobile phones, chew gum…


Regardless of the above, if you have experienced persistent problems with our service, suffered serious distress or inconvenience or are dissatisfied with the way you have been treated then you can complain and expect a prompt and detailed appraisal of your grievance.

Please write by letter or email to the Practice Manager, Mr Chris Stoppard. (For email please send to and in the subject line put “For the attention of the Practice Manager”)

We will investigate your complaint and reply in writing. We will offer to meet you as necessary to look at how things have gone wrong and what will be done to prevent a recurrence.

If you are dissatisfied with our ‘in-house’ complaint procedure then you can raise the matter with NHS England which oversees our provision of medical care for you. For further information visit NHS England.

Incidentally, if you are especially happy with our service, then compliments are also welcome!

Behaviour – a two-way contract

As a student health centre we are especially attuned to the pressures and strains of student life and are dedicated to helping you as much as possible. We have all chosen to work in this field – student health is not everyone’s cup of tea. We know that stress and ill health can cause irrational fear and anger and we make some allowances but we do expect polite and civilised behaviour between us and you. The reception staff in particular do a tough job and courtesy should be a two way process with them. We work under a universal NHS policy of zero tolerance towards violence or aggression or any form of racist, sexist or homophobic abuse.